Save Our Environment



We have many years professional experience working in hydrodynamic and water quality studies, water and wastewater engineering. Our interests and expertise include but are not restricted to five problem areas:

We have worked on the treatment of groundwater contaminated with arsenic and organic material. We have been applying our expertise to numerous projects including surface water and deep sea Geo-hazard modeling amongst others. Our experts have used programming languages FORTRAN and MATLAB for implementing numerical methods. We are also experienced in the application of standard process-based transport models including the SMS models FESWMS, RMA2 & 4, ADCIRC, M2D, StormNET, XPSWMM, the HEC suite of models, as well as CAD, and GIS programs.  We are experienced in work place curriculum development. We have been responsible for delivering various work-related subject specific, technical and job specific training.