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Just when you think you have a handle on the future, it changes. That’s why we at Dinco Holdings anticipate the future, we don’t just wait for changes to happen.

Anticipating changes in the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) brings on an abundance of challenges: What do our clients and shareowners need today and tomorrow? How can we best meet those needs? Should we offer more services, more resources?

As a leading investment company, we have been anticipating changes for over fifteen years. Our first major evolution as a company came after establishing prominence in investment when we anticipated our shareowners’ growing needs in the early 2000s for broader services. We responded by owning a couple of mercantile establishments consisting of carefully landscaped complexes of shops representing leading merchandisers.

Today, we’re responding in similar ways by extending our investment capabilities and by redeveloping and revitalizing the open urban public spaces we own. Professional engineers and architects are currently working on these projects.

We’re increasing our staff and resources to accommodate the growing needs of our current clients, which are faced with the challenge of creating legally sound, economically reasonable solutions in an atmosphere of budget-reduction challenges. Again, we anticipated those needs a few years ago and have been growing our resources and services to match client needs.

We’re always looking toward the future, trying to account for the next level of services that we can provide to clients. That’s what our continuous quality improvement process, called Leadership through Client Satisfaction, is all about. We know that our best day is tomorrow and the best service we can offer is the one our clients will need in the future.

This website is a collection of projects that show this premise in action. After all, anticipating the future is not just a motto we hang on our walls; it’s who we are, it’s what we are all about.

Mohammad Asaduzzaman, PhD


Dinco Holdings Inc.